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Discover the most convenient way to buy a car. Happy Tag Autos is an app that lets you buy a new or used vehicle from the comfort of home. Users can select the vehicle they want and choose how much they want to pay.  The app even calculates the trade-in value of your current vehicle automatically. You won't have to deal with any salespeople trying to make a commission or middlemen trying to jack up the price. You'll negotiate directly with dealers and decide how much is fair for the vehicle you want.

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About Happy Tag Autos

Happy Tag Autos was created by Rick Kelly and Eric Carper, two automobile dealers with more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry. As salespeople, they know the process of buying a car can be long and frustrating. They decided to change that. Their first app was called DealScan, a first-of-its-kind desking software system and Customer Experience solution that dramatically reduced the time it took to sell a car. A process that used to take several hours took less than 59 minutes using DealScan.

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Happy Tag Autos simplifies the process even more. It lets users search vehicles, negotiate prices, and fill in all necessary paperwork from home. All they have to do at the dealership is take the vehicle for a spin, sign the deal, and drive away. The price is completely transparent, and the buyer can even select the dealer's profit margin.


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